Workplace: 5 Thoughtful Ways To Celebrate Love In The Month 0f February

February is known as the month of love, so why not spread the love amongst your colleagues – it makes sense seeing how you spend 1,795 hours a year with them! Having a team who love their job makes life so much easier, don’t you think?

When people want to get up and come to work on a dark February morning it makes all the difference to your company’s culture. You have better employee retention, the quality of work is improved, there’s more cohesion and collaboration within the workplace and your staff have a more positive view of the business they work for.

So, why not over the month of February show your team just how much you love and appreciate them with one of our 5 easy ways to spread the love:

Listen to them

Any relationship can be hard to navigate if you don’t listen to the other person (be it personal or professions). So, now is the time to listen to what your team has to say. Ask for their input, it might be on how to improve the office environment or what procedures need updating. Your team will have lots to say, so take the time to listen to them, and by doing so you will show them that their opinion is valued. 

Lending a Helping Hand


Getting along with colleagues at work is important for inspiring teamwork and creating a healthy work environment. Being able to provide support to others at work is one way to build relationships with your colleagues and being a valuable team member at the same time.

Feed them

Everyone knows the way to many peoples heart is through their stomach – I mean who doesn’t love an office snack?  Treat your team to a little something sweet to brighten their Monday morning, and set them up for the best week.

Show Employees off on Social Media

You could do this as a “spotlight” from your company’s Linkedin account or your personal account. A sincere “Thank You” can go a long way.

Keep the love going all year


Making your team feel loved and appreciated should be something that you keep doing all year. For many of your team it will be the little things that matter; Remembering work anniversaries, birthdays, or even knowing what’s going on in their life outside of work

It is indeed true that showing and expressing love can be done in a multitude of ways. It does not always have to be romantic nor familial. It can be all about the everyday – what you do, say, and show others whom you may or may not know.


In this month of Feb-ibig, beating hearts, season of love, or whatever you may want to call it, Dunn and Braxton wish you nothing but peace, respect, and appreciation in everything.


Happy Love Month to us all! May this season of love bring you endless comfort.

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