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Microsoft confirms African Development Center layoffs but denies its closure

Contrary to several local reports, Microsoft has not shut down its African Development Center (ADC) in Nigeria. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, the Lagos facility is still operational. It’s worth noting that Microsoft has been implementing workforce adjustments and organisational changes since 2023 to align with global market conditions and meet customer needs.

CBN directs four fintech companies to stop creating accounts for new customers

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has on Monday issued a directive to four fintech companies—OPay, Palmpay, Kuda Bank, and Moniepoint, instructing them to halt the onboarding of new customers pending further notice.

Binance CEO says crypto payment was demanded to settle allegations in Nigeria

Binance CEO Richard Teng has released a statement regarding the detention of exchange employee Tigran Gambaryan to “provide the facts so that the global community’s perception may not be distorted unfairly.”

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What Sets Dunn and Braxton Apart?


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Transforming Recruitment and HR Practices in IT/Software Industry

The trend of remote work has taken the IT/software industry by storm, explore some essential strategies that can help you make the most of this shift in the paradigm.

Exploring The Benefits And Challenges Of A Start-Up In The IT Industry

Starting an IT business comes with its own set of benefits and challenges that need to be carefully considered and planned for read more to understand what it takes to succeed in this competitive environment.

Building a Diverse Leadership Team

Individuals with varied perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, enables more comprehensive problem-solving and decision-making processes.

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