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Africa’s Biggest Oil Refinery Begins Production in Nigeria With the Aim of Reducing Need for Imports

The $19 billion facility, which has a capacity to produce 650,000 barrels per day, has started to produce diesel and aviation fuel, the Dangote Petroleum Refinery company reported Saturday. As Nigeria’s first privately owned oil refinery, the project “is a game-changer for our country,” it added.

Shell’s divestment plan sparks debate

A plan by Shell to sell off a Nigerian subsidiary has to be approved by the government in Abuja. The energy multinational says it wants to restructure. Activists see a bid to avoid paying up for decades of pollution.

Power generation crashes to 3,383MW despite hike in tariff

The recent increase in electricity tariff by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, has failed to translate to improvement in power supply as on-grid generation fell to 3,383 Mega Watts as at 3pm 25 January 2024.

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Innovations in Renewables: Spotlight at Powerelec Nigeria 2024

While Nigeria is tackling challenges like inflation, a moderate growth rate, etc., on the other hand it has leapfrogged progress in the renewable energy segment – an important indicator of strong growth headwinds.

What Sets Dunn and Braxton Apart?


Talent Pool


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Performance Management Trends

Performance management trends have evolved significantly in recent years, emphasizing more dynamic and employee-centric approaches.

How Can Recruitment Consultants Save You

Here are several ways how specialist recruitment consultants help you save time, money and grow your business.

Corporate Lay-offs and Downsizing

Managing layoffs and downsizing is a challenging task that requires sensitivity, planning, and clear communication.

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