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Top Trends in 2024: Media, Consumer and Markets Insights – Nigeria

Seven trends that will shape Nigeria’s economy in 2024 – PwC’s Economic Outlook

PwC’s report projects a marginal decline in inflation and 3.1% rise in GDP, and notes that achieving sustainable growth in 2024 requires balancing ambitious fiscal reforms with effective budget implementation. It also stresses the importance of aligning fiscal and monetary policy to stabilize prices and reach target goals.

Currency crisis, inflation could impact Nigeria’s consumer goods sector in 2024– Report

Predictions have continued for the Nigerian economy for the new year, as a recent report by Meristem Securities Limited suggested that continued inflation rates and foreign exchange challenges could affect the prices of consumer goods.

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2024 Outlook for the Nigerian Fashion Industry: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

The Nigerian fashion industry stands at a pivotal moment in 2024, poised for growth, innovation, and global recognition. With its rich cultural heritage, vibrant creativity, and increasing investment in infrastructure, technology, and talent, Nigeria’s fashion scene continues to captivate both local and international audiences.

What Sets Dunn and Braxton Apart?


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Exploring The EEL On The Nigerian Economy

The Nigerian government’s introduction of the Expatriate Employment Levy (EEL) has sparked reactions across various sectors of the economy.

Outsourcing Talents: How to Ensure Fit

Outsourcing talent can be an effective strategy for businesses to access specialized skills, reduce costs, and increase flexibility.

Establishing a Strong HR Structure

Setting up a solid HR structure for your startup is vital for its success and growth. Read more to know how you can do it.

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